Choose The Best Tablet For Kids Based On Those Requirements

TabletsBeforeandAfteriPadAs a parent myself I know that most of us parents are looking for several different things when it comes to kids tablets and we want to choose the best tablet for kids based on those requirements. For most of us the priority is security and rightly so, every kids tablet should offer security features to keep our kids safe online.

This website was created to help you compare kids tablets against each other using our comparison chart to help you decide which one is right for your children, nieces, nephews or whoever you are buying for. If Santa Claus is doing the delivery you want to make sure he knows exactly which one won’t disappoint on the big day!

The problem with most tablets for kids is that they either don’t have enough security for parents peace of mind or they have too much, making the tablet unable to adapt as your child grows. Ideally you want the best tablet with strict parental controls for young children and options to allow further access to certain features for when your children are older.

A tablet is a great device but one that many parents are cautious to buy because they don’t know which is the best. Many tablets that have been designed for kids are too basic for what kids need or too restricted and even too childish for kids nowadays. Tablets designed for adults on the other hand can be too open for kids use with too much access to information that is not suitable. Some tablets do offer parental controls however and if you are willing to set them up correctly can be great for the whole family. We look at all the tablets on this site and assess their suitability for kids of all ages.

Our handy kids tablet comparison chart below gives a great overview of many of the different tablets available for kids or tablets that are not designed for kids but can be restricted. Further down the page we have also provided recommendations on what we consider are the best choices available right now.We are not talking tablet specs in our chart but you can find a review of each tablet further down the page that goes into more detail.

I think somewhere along the way someone told the people making kids tablets that they didn’t need to be as high quality as adult tablets because you can see almost immediately from the comparison chart above that few of the tablets made specifically for kids rate very high. The Meep tablet scored the lowest overall, yet it was the most hyped kids tablet last Christmas and left many disappointed, the rest of the kids android 7 inch tablets seem to be only average.

The cheaper adult tablets might work better but offer less or no parental controls and many parents are opting to simply purchase one of these as an alternative for older kids. The best kids tablets on the list are all for young kids and even toddlers and are pretty good choices if you have little ones in the house.

However there is one option that seems to be a great medium for everyone, all the quality and functionality of an adults tablet but with kid centered apps and controls and is our top choice of kids tablets right now. (this may change if anyone decides to bring out a great tablet in the meantime)

Our Top Choice Kids Tablet

Compare Kids tablets KindleIt may seem funny that the best option for kids tablets is not actually a tablet that was designed for kids but the Kindle fire, is in our opinion, a great choice. It has lots of features and great specs and a dedicated Kindle freetime just for kids. Each child can have their own profile on the tablet and parents can choose which games, apps and features each child can access.

There are lots of options and for a subscription (kindle freetime unlimited) your child can have access to tons more features just for kids which can be accessed through their kid centered profile. Not only do we think the Kindle is the best choice tablet for kids of all ages it’s also an affordable option for parents and because you can limit time for your kids, you can make them share time on the tablet too.

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