Choosing the Best Tablets for School

Best Tablets for SchoolWhen determining the best tablet for your educational needs, you’ll need to consider two very important points. Cost and functionality. You want a tablet that’s not going to cost you as much as a used car, but you need something that will be functional for your needs. As there are a vast number of tablet computer manufacturers on the market, which one would be the best for your situation?

The iPad

The iPad seems to be a favored unit among those who have the money to spend on this tablet. Although it has grand features and capabilities, is it really a cost effective solution for your education? Unless you have the extra $500 laying around to pick one up, then you probably wouldn’t want to consider this one. Besides, there are many Android-based devices that are comparable to this Apple product without the hefty price tag attached. It’s probably not the best tablet for school from a cost point of view, but it will definitely do everything you need.

Used iPads are a good way to go if you’re determined to own one. You could probably pick up a refurbished first-generation iPad from eBay for about $200, or so. However, you chance inheriting the problems of another when you buy used. This shouldn’t discourage you from considering the option, though.

Google Nexus 7

The 7-inch Google Nexus 7 is a great buy at $199. It produces extreme clarity of graphics, is loaded with a fast processor and twice the RAM of the third-generation iPad. Loaded with a 16GB storage capacity, you can carry around a large number of school files and projects. One of the biggest downfalls to the Nexus 7, however, is the inability to utilize SDHC memory cards. This could increase the usable storage, but instead you need to use Google Drive for extra space.

Using Google Drive to move files around is actually more convenient than you might think for it lets you access those files on a standard computer system in order to work on them. This Cloud storage capacity could be a great addition unless you rely on the microSDHC memory card. Aside from this flaw, the Google Nexus is a very good choice for scholastic functionality due to its hardware configuration and price.

Windows Tablets

One of the biggest drawbacks to considering a Windows tablet is the fact that they are more than twice, and in some case four-times, the price tag of most Android devices. However, you are able to utilize everything Windows can unless you purchase the RT version of Windows 8. At which point, you need to download special software to accomplish your tasks which defeats one of the reasons to buy a Windows tablet in the first place. Besides, many have compared the new user interface of Windows to be akin to a child’s toy rather than a professional appearance. When it comes to compatibility with computers at your location, this device may be the best tablet for school – as long as you can afford one.

$100 Tablets

Many are jumping on the bandwagon of buying cheap tablets that are around the $100 price tag or lower. Although they might do the very basics of what you need, many of them have inherent problems that you’ll need to live with. Devices such as the Coby Kyros and the Kocaso brand tablets have a tenancy to get very hot near the battery compartment after 20 minutes of use. Even charging them could cause a heat problem within the device and the power adapter. But not all cheap devices have problems. Pandigital tablets have been know for great functionality compared to more expensive units.

Nook and Kindle

Although the Barnes and Noble Nook Color and the Amazon Kindle Fire HD are considered tablets, they are more of entertainment devices. Each has a proprietary list of apps you can download unless you root them, which voids most warranties. The Nook and Kindle are great devices for using as eBook readers or media players, but the support for Google Play is where most of your premium educational apps are going to come from – which neither of them have access to.

What to Look For

When it comes to looking for the best tablet for school, you’ll need to analyze what it is exactly you want to accomplish with the device. What kind of a budget do you have? Do you need to share documents with your home computer? Does it need excellent battery capacities? These are questions you should ask yourself when determining the best device for you whether or not you are aiming at the budget tablets in the spectrum. Keep in mind that you don’t need a game-playing $500 monster for school if you just need it for the classes.

I am an experienced reviewer of hardware and apps for kids. I've been evaluating toys with processor since they were invented. I really enjoy getting into the details helping you get the most from your purchases.

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