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Should Children Use Tablets

Should Children Use Tablets
Kids are certainly no stranger to all the technology available today. They’re surrounded with smart phones, tablets, and laptops and if they were allowed they would sit and watch these four hours a day. With so many options they are mesmerized by cartoons, music, and there seems to be so many feat [...]

Best Tablet for Drawing

Best Tablet for Drawing
It is quite obvious that technology is taking over, making our lives easier and more enjoyable. One solid role that tech has filled in recent years is that of making work easier in the office. Almost every place of business these days owns a plethora of advanced devices for assisting in work and mak [...]

Kurio vs Nabi Kid’s Tablets Comparison

Kurio vs Nabi Kid's Tablets Comparison
Our Kurio 7S to Nabi 2 comparison helps you decide the best tablets for kids 5 – 9 year-old; both are top kid’s tablets with wi-fi with similar features.The Nabi 2 Kid’s Tablet Nabi 2 Due to overall increases in kid’s tablet sales and a robust product line, Fuhu, the maker of Nabi products [...]

Best Kids Tablets For Ages 12 & Up

Best Kids Tablets For Ages 12 & Up
This tablet has great color images that bypass the regular HD, giving you more lifelike images.This is the newest of the Kindle family.It has an ultra fast processor and quick web browsing,It has many different uses that can be for work or play.It allows Skype, photo & video sharing, and many ot [...]

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