So You Are Looking For An Android Tablet And Decided To Look Into A Few Reviews?

Android TabletThat really is the smartest thing you can do when shopping for anything, see what the pro’s think, isn’t it? But I think that before you determine what the pro’s think about a tablet, you should think about why you want a tablet in the first place. I have read far too many reviews where the reviewer has certain things they want in a tablet and any tablet that does not have that feature they think is worthless. Well the fact is that not everyone cares about every specific feature, and as a result a review is only worthwhile when the reviewer has a mindset similar to you own. For this reason I think it is important to search for a like minded reviewer before considering reading reviews.

For example, I know people that are very much into social networking. If you are the same then you would want to find a reviewer that does a lot of social networking. What do you care how well an Android Tablet’s processor computes faster than another processor when you are more concerned if the tablet shows your Facebook page accurately. If you spend a lot of time reading blogs and forums then you want to read a review that highlights these activities.

In these instances it is not important to you how well the tablet takes pictures. Speaking of taking pictures, if you already have a camera on your phone or if you are a picture enthusiast, how likely is it that you will be taking pictures from your tablet? Then why do so many reviews bad mouth certain tablets simply because they lack a camera? I mean, I have a regular camera, a video camera, a camera on my phone, and a video camera on my phone – do I really need one on my tablet?

Think about the reviewer that is heavy into scientific computations and things that require the tablet to do complex computations. If you are into those things, then it is important to read a review that includes those aspects, but for most of us the most difficult thing we ask our computer to do is stream a movie, and that is something any tablet can do. But, once again, if you plan to stream movies on your tablet be certain to find a reviewer that loves to use their tablet for streaming video.

I know this sounds like a rehash of common sense and I also know you may have come to this page looking for insight on specific tablets, but hopefully this page has helped you clarify your mission to read Android Tablet reviews and helped cut through the reviewers that are not relevant. Once you go into reading a review with an objective mind then you will see that many reviewers harp on features that are not relevant to your needs.

To make a car analogy, it does not matter how many times the BMW 3-series is Car and Driver’s car of the year, because they love the car for how it handles and drives. I do not care about the handing of a car, I want a smooth ride and great gas mileage, both of which are not features of the BMW. You see, the review was not relevant to my wants and therefore should be disregarded. I need to read reviews by people that want a smooth car with good gas mileage, something that may be found in Consumer Reports, not Car and Driver. I hope that analogy helps.

I am an experienced reviewer of hardware and apps for kids. I've been evaluating toys with processor since they were invented. I really enjoy getting into the details helping you get the most from your purchases.

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