Tablet Computers Are Very Useful And Multifunctional

Tablet ComputersTablet computers are very useful and multifunctional, but they cannot do everything well. For these situations, hybrid tablets, or combination tablets, offer added versatility that makes them the best choice for many. A hybrid tablet computer strives to combine the best features of a tablet computer with those of a notebook computer. As good as the average tablet computer is for consuming web content; they generally do not do as well with creating information to add to the web. Touchscreen keyboards are not well suited for blind-touch typing and are too small for most people to comfortably type on them.

On the other hand, while notebook computers have the keyboards and mouse interfaces that make creating many kinds of content easier, they generally do not have touchscreens. More importantly, they are awkward to handle in many situations and do not have the book-like quality of a tablet computer.

How they work

Combination tablet-notebook computers try to marry the best of both worlds without compromising features as much as possible. This is done by keeping the touchscreen, as well as many other features people like in tablets, and combining them with a keyboard. Makers to include Dell, Sony and Lenovo use everything from swiveling or rotating screens, fold over and pull out keyboards and detachable screens to create more fuctional computers that can take the book shape of a tablet computer.

While predictions of the near demise of the notebook computer in the hands of the tablet are most likely overstated, hybrid tablets will likely help tablets take a bigger bite out of the notebook market than would otherwise be possible. Those who do a lot of inputting are not going to give up their notebooks without a better alternative, such as what the hybrid can offer.

Not for everyone

Some will also argue that by tring to do many things the hybrid is thus inferior to both the notebook and the tablet. It can be said that many hybrids are too big to be used as a proper tablet and too cramped to be comfortably used as a notebook. Furthermore, they are likely to lack the computer power that can be found in a standard notebook.

The future

For the foreseeable future, hybrids are likely to carve out a niche of their own. They can offer many of the best features of both a tablet and a notebook, even if they do not do either as well as a dedicated device. For those who do not want to invest in both devices or carry them around, hybrid tablets will be a good choice. Besides, for many users, having the full power of functionality of either device is not necessary.

As the technology continues to improve, the tablet and notebook computers are likely to continue to merge in ways that cannot be seen now. Computer technology changes rapidly and will allow for more features to be packed into one machine. While current limitations on the technology mean that hybrids are not the best choice for everyone, in time, having both types of features on the same computer will likely be taken for granted by an increasing number of models.

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