Top 10 LeapPad 2 Games

Top 10 LeapPad 2 GamesThe LeapPad Explorer device is an innovative tablet for kids. Parents enjoyed the tablet because of the way it promotes learning to their kids with fun and innovative games. The original LeapPad was released in 2011, but in 2012, the LeapPad 2 was released with a higher resolution camera, 4 GB memory, LF 2000 processor and longer battery life. This ensured that your kids will be free to play all their favorite games on a road trip.

What are the top 10 Leap Pad games for kids to play?

Crayola Art Adventure

This exciting game allows your kid to put their drawing on paper, or rather on a screen, and even add music to the masterpiece. They can complete puzzles while going through the gameplay, working on enhancing their ability to use logic.

Pixar Pals

Pixar Pals follows all the favorite Pixar movie characters through exciting adventures. Your child can help Wall-E sort trash, go underwater with Dory and explore her habitat, or you can help Woody and Buzz by answering logic questions.

Jake and the Never Land Pirates

One of the most popular games for the device, Jake and the Never Land Pirates is meant for kids aged three to five and includes several different puzzle and shape games to test their brains. By completing each puzzle, your child will be one step closer to the elusive pirate treasure.

Letter Factory

This educational leappad game will teach your kid to recognize the sounds that letters are supposed to make, recognize each letter of the alphabet, handwriting skills, and word building. The game is an ideal way to prepare your child for what they will be learning as soon as they get into kindergarten.


This LeapPad explorer game will help your child learn how to count the proper way, complete basic mathematic functions such as adding and subtracting, the proper way to write numbers, and how to measure. The game follows Olivia the pig around her house in a series of adventures. Olivia will even help teach your kids at an early age that math can be fun and exciting by using it for pizza, smoothies, and even fruit salad recipes.

Disney Pixar Cars 2

One of the most popular Disney movie series ever made, Mater and Lightning McQueen come to life on the LeapPad with Disney Pixar Cars 2. Your kids will be able to jump the cars by accurately measuring the distance needed, escape various traps by completing patterns and finding applicable clues, and race as Lightning McQueen to see who has the fastest car. The game is ideal for kids aged four through seven and features patterns, problem-solving skills, graphs, measuring, and more.

Disney Tangled

Another Disney title comes to life with Tangled. Follow Rapunzel and Flynn on countless adventures meant to exercise the brain of your four to seven year old children. There are more than 12,000 words built into the game, allowing your child to set up a list needed for school. Your kid will have to unscramble various words to help Rapunzel evade obstacles in the forest and more.

Mini Games Greatest Hits

This game may not have all the television and movies stars that your kids follow, but it will help prepare them for grade school. There are four arcade-style games that will work with your children on problem solving, hygiene, addition, and subtraction. Among the games included are Jewel Train 2, Number Bash, Monkey Soccer, and Sugar Bugs 2.

Disney Minnie’s Bow-tique Super Surprise Party

Ideal for children aged three to five, this game featuring Minnie Mouse will advance the memory skills, letter recognition, and logic and reasoning of your kid. They will be able to match colors and letters within the game to help Minnie and her friends create and design new bows. Your kids will also be able to create their own bows in the Bow Design Studio and blend together the different sounds of words to work on the special bows.

Dora the Explorer

The popular children’s television series will come to life with this learning game. Dora the Explorer is known for teaching kids on her show, but has taken that one step further with this title that works on the LeapPad and Leapster Explorer. Dora will work with your kids on local animals, landscapes, clothing, and more. She will teach your kids about Peru, Egypt, and other foreign countries, as well as the typical Spanish lessons. There are several Leap Pad games that will help prepare your kids for kindergarten and others that are meant to build on the training your kids are getting in school already. There is something available for everyone, so just choose what works best for your kid.

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